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:: The evolution is coming. ::

:: A revolution has begun. ::

Adélaïde-Christyne. ♥
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About damn time I updated. ♥
Sync and Ion
♥ : : t o . t h e . e n d . o f . t h e . w o r l d : : ♥
[[ Don't leave me f a l l i n g for you . ♥]]

♥~Meagan Adélaïde-Christyne.

Well, well.
How'd you get here? :D

Synch x Ion ♥ [ Okay, yeah. I obsess. ]
Tales of the Abyss.
Political Sciences.
And, uhm, a lot of other things.
Like Alkaline Trio.
And Say Anything.
I fucking love Say Anything. roflmao.

Um... alot of things.
Let's go with that. >>;

MY VALENTINE «Original!Ion~ ♥» B L O G C R E W

Um, uh... yeah. ♥
That's about it.
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